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Print Management

Our Print Management program from FSM can help your company!

Want to keep better control over your inventory and dramatically improve your company's productivity and profitability? Print Management Company | FSMWe'll be glad to show you how with our Print Management program.

With Print Management, we'll guarantee in writing, that joining our program will bring your current business forms printing costs down by at least 15%. You can't beat that.

Here's how our Print Management program works. First, FSM will collect forms from all your departments, plants or locations. We'll check for any duplication or overlapping, eliminate any unnecessary forms and help you design new ones that are more cost-effective. Then we'll do a group analysis of all your forms that are of like sizes so you can order them at the same time and save money.

Once a month, (or once a week if you prefer), we'll also supply you with an inventory report. This will include information on available quantities, usage patterns, forms on order, current total usage and other pertinent data.

If you lack inventory space for your supplies, you can take advantage or our pick-n-pack warehousing. We'll pick the items you need, pack and store them for you, keep the information on computer, and remind you when you may need them. You'll be charged only as the items are released. We call this our "Just In Time" service. You'll call it terrific.

Of course, we'll also meet with you regularly to review the success of the program and implement any necessary changes. So don't wait any longer. Contact Us for a Print Management proposal suited to your specific needs. You'll be amazed at how much time and money you'll save!

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